Saturday, 7 January 2012

My Topshop Sales Haul

Hello lovelies, how are we all?

Now I'll be honest here, I'm not a massive Topshop fan. I have precisely one piece of clothing from Topshop, and rarely, if ever go in, even to have a browse. I find the clothes are too expensive (I'm on a pretty small budget these days) and being rather larger than I would like, I've stopped buying clothes at the moment.

However, I do like to pop in when the sales are on! And seeing as I had a £10 voucher from my sister as a birthday present burning a hole in my purse, I trolloped over to see what they had.

This is what I got, all for the lovely price of £11 - bargain hunter Queen Steph!

Top row: 3 A4 ringbinders, £1 each.
Bottom row: Sunglasses case £1, baked eyeshadow £2, Gloss Stick in Glisten £2, and a notebook £3.

I'd been on the look out for some ringbinders for a little while now, as I am massive geek and like to tear out and keep all my favourite articles, celeb interviews, hair and beauty how to's, all that kind of stuff from magazines, and I wanted to file them away nicely so I can go back to them and use them, instead of them just lying on my coffee table in an ever growing pile!

The sunglasses case is a lovely floral pattern and it's huge too which is great as I'm actually planning to use it as a case for my hairbrush. It normally ends up floating around the bottom of my bag getting all kinds of dirty from the little bits of fluff and rubbish that live there, so I thought a nice sunglasses case would be a great way of keeping it clean when it's in my bag.
No this eyeshadow is a little beauty of a find. For £2 it's an absolute bargain and I really like the colours, especially the black. They're both very shimmery, but I found when swatching them that they rub off quite easily so I think they'd be best with a primer. The colour pay off is quite good though, and I haven't seen much fall out when using it so far.
This is the eyeshadow with flash.
 And without.
 Here's a swatch of both shades. The green shade is quite light, but it's a lot greener that it looks in this picture. The black side is lovely and dark and very highly pigmented.

Now the Gloss Stick is possibly my favourite. I bought mine in 'Glisten' which on the colour sticker looks like quite a bright pink. I was a little unsure that it would suit me, but I thought I'll get it anyway. After unwrapping it and having a look I'm actually quite pleasantly surprised.

Here's the bullet with flash and without:

The without flash picture is much more accurate for the true shade. It's a lovely dark pink and makes your lips look gorgeously glossy.
Let's have some swatches:

I love this shade on, and it's not as bright as I had feared :)

So there we go lovelies, sorry it's such a pic heavy, long post - I got a bit excited!

Big love,


P.S. Sorry for the weird formatting, The Man tried to put the two pics side by side but it's gone a bit funny.


  1. You can't really put two pics side by side, I usually do it on photo editing software first!

    Great post, love everything you bought! LOVE this idea of keeping articles etc from magazines, seriously think I'm gonna start to do this! Also, the bag for your brush is an awesome idea!

    ~ Lauren <3

  2. Ahh thanks for the tip lovely!

    Yeah, I'm a massive geek like that when it comes to keeping articles. When I filed all my hair & beauty pieces, the file is chocker! I should have bought lever arch files really - it's not like I'm about to stop collecting articles :) But for the time being, so they can be easily stored away & are not longer at risk of having tea spilt on them, they're fine as they are :)

    The sunglasses case is doing a great job of keeping my hairbrush clean. Also makes it MUCH easier to find now - my bag is a bit of a cavernous pit haha!

    Steph xx

  3. I'm exactly the same when it comes to Topshop - I just find the prices waaay to high considering you can get similar stuff for about a 3rd of the price in other shops! I still call in for a nosy now n then but I'm definitely not as obsessed in the way some of my friends are! :)

    Love the gloss stick you got... the colour looks fab and I love the slimmer applicators cos I find them much easier to apply than a regular lipstick!

    P.S. Cant believe you got all this for 11 quid. now that really is a bargain! ♥

  4. Bargains! The make-up looks great, and I love the sunglasses case!!

    Stace x

  5. @AllMadeUp Yep, I am a proper little bargain hunter! Last time I really shopped in Topshop I had a £50 voucher (joint birthday/Christmas present) and I got a lovely black leather satchel, a pair of pj's, a t-shirt, a pair of socks & possibly some other things. The bag alone was £30 & I bought it 6 years ago now! It's been through A Levels & uni & I still use it everyday :)

    @Stace Thank you so much! The sunglasses case is doing a good job looking after my hairbrush now :)

    Steph xx

  6. Some great bargains there - especially love that sunglasses case! xo

  7. That's some seriously good shopping! xo

  8. You did well in Topshop! Loving the lippy. It looks so glossy and moisturising xx